Fiber to the Router

A glass fiber connection lets you provide your customers with top-notch Internet speed – but often only up to the transfer point in the basement. Distributing the Internet signal within the house at this speed has remained a challenge. Until now!


The devolo Giga Bridge closes the gap between the ONT box (Optical Network Termination) and the router using the existing coax (TV) or telephone line.

Distribute high-speed fiber in the house

From the ONT to the router – over coax or telephone line

The devolo Giga Bridge closes the gap between the ONT box (Optical Network Termination) in the basement and the router in the living room, using the existing coax (TV) or telephone line.


The router keeps its spot in the centre of the house and supplies all end devices with full performance.

Alternative: From the router to the end devices - via coax or telephone line

The devolo Giga Bridge brings the Internet signal at speeds of up to 1 Gbps throughout the entire home to where it needs to go – via the coaxial or phone line. For optimal IPTV and perfect Internet browsing without any loss in performance.

Advantages for you and your customers

End customer

  • Top-notch TV (IPTV), calling (VoIP, DECT) and Internet throughout the home.
  • Reliably high bandwidth (up to 1 Gbps) to the end devices
  • Quick solution without dust and dirt.
  • No visible cabling throughout the house.
  • Flexible solution as there are many SAT/Tel sockets in the house.


  • Perfect fiber experience (E2E) without any performance loss!
  • Relocation of the HGW to the centre of the customer's home.​
  • Ideal for all private homes in the FTTH application area.​
  • Cost-effective solution in comparison to installation costs and effort with new cabling.


  • Quick and easy installation!
  • Considerably higher installation rate per day.​
  • Flexible solution: Selective use of coax or telephone cable. Many routing options.​
  • Universal device: Low number of variants in the delivery vehicle.​

devolo Giga Bridge

The professional solution for maximum performance at the end customer's location


  • Using the existing wiring in the house for gigabit data transmission ​
  • Prepared for any existing cabling:
    • 1x F-jack ​(SAT/TV)
    • 1x RJ-45 (Phone) 
    • 1x Gigabit Ethernet (ONT, router, end devices)​
  • High customer satisfaction through quick installation - without structural changes
  • No time-consuming pre-planning or site visit required
  • Compatible with all routers
devolo Giga Bridge Starter Kit

More information for you

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Press release

The devolo Giga Bridge distributes the full speed of the fiber optic connection throughout the house.


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